The Salty Hand

During a flight to Boston, I had my tradition of peanuts and orange juice.  After I was done with the snack, I went back to reading a book (Meditations from the mat).  As I was touching the page, I noticed that there was salt on the page, obviously from the peanuts, although they were lightly salted.  I proceeded to wipe off the salt with my hand, after a few moments of continuous stroking I noticed that there was still salt on the page.  At this point I’m thinking, wow! How much salt can there be on this page?  Suddenly, I realized that the salt was actually on my fingertips.  I simply wiped off my hand with the napkin and voila, a clean hand and a clean page.

Something as simple and as trivial as this makes me realize that oftentimes, we want to fix something that doesn’t seem right.  We want to fix our relationships, our jobs, etc., because we think they need fixing.  In all reality, all we have to do, most times, is simply look at ourselves and notice that very likely we need to change something in us.  Maybe we need to change our perspective, maybe we need become softer, maybe we need to become harder, or maybe we just need to wipe our hands.



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