Living Outside Your Desk

“No, don’t do it. It won’t work and plus that isn’t how we do things anyways”. Ah, yes, the defining moment in the life of your idea. It’s the moment when it shrivels up and dies OR it bursts through all barriers and into the light.

What does it mean to “live outside your desk”? It means to break free from the confines of your robotic existence. “You know, I’d love to see Paris, but because of my desk I can’t”. I invite you; try this on,       “I choose to allow my desk to get in my way, so that I have an excuse to give up on myself and what I want for my life”. Now, that is powerful! Choice is power. We are always at choice. You are the ultimate designer of your life.

Most of us want to live our lives from passion, purpose, and abundance. What holds you back from becoming the famous oil painting artist, performer, chef, or author? You!  You are the only one that can stop you. Trust yourself. Now, here is the moment when it’s possible to get stuck. The drone of the machine…thinking, thinking, thinking, but what do you do with all the thoughts?  Thoughts are the endless madness within the brain.  Our culture has done an amazing job of getting us to come out of thinking and into numbing, the alcohol, coffee, sweets, and a myriad of other numbing agents just to name a few. I invite you to come out of the thinking and into the feeling. Now!  Be in the adventure, the quest, and stay with the uncomfortable. Perhaps for you that may mean being with yourself in a quiet room, no T.V., laptop, or music. What do you hear? It’s the practice of being aware of you and letting go of control. It’s the opportunity to just be.

Just be…

Hold the light that is your truth. “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Living outside the norm may be uncomfortable; it may look different from your friends or even your family. Be in the adventure of wearing mismatched clothes, laughing too loud, and saying whatever you want. What about bold choices, crazy hair, political activist on a street corner, and dancing in a public place just because you like the song. Who can define freedom? YOU!

Let me ask you this, right now do you feel excited about your life? Would you say: Wow, my life is full of adventure! I am the authentic version of myself, just the way I was created to be in this world. Or is your life: routine, beige, and grey? There is color there, but you think it’s boring.

Take a look at your life. Are you comfortable, living a life that is just barely making it? Or are you living a life that is pushing your personal boundaries’ and making an impression on people’s hearts?          Living your life outside your desk, means creating yourself as you’d like to be. Push through your self-proclaimed boundaries’, move beyond what you think is appropriate, and step into your authentic self one leg at a time. Allow the chains of what you “should” do to fall away and start dancing. One step at a time, it has begun, your life is as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

One Response to “Living Outside Your Desk”
  1. Great and thoughtful summary on being authentic and living your dreams.

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