Eddie’s 14 Days To Clarity Experience

Where do I begin? I completed my 14 day stretch and my biggest take away is that I want to continue practicing and meditating daily.  It has fed my commitment to my practice, not necessarily from the asana aspect, but really more from a mental aspect.  I feel stronger mentally, I’ve become lighter in my thinking, and I’ve felt more affectionate and gentle in the past few days.

I was very excited about practicing and meditating daily.  I was anxious about what results I may have.  That was the first lesson of this journey, expectation, expecting a huge miracle or an amazing revolutionary idea.  Often, expectation leads to disappointment, because we either consciously or subconsciously set up the premise that if we don’t get the result, we’ll fail.

However, I did my daily practice with intention.  Every time I stepped onto my mat, I knew why I was there.  Then, all I had to do was to be present and enjoy every step, every vinyasa, and every breath.

Lesson: be clear on your intention.  In my case, I was clear that my intention was clarity.  By being clear with this, I found it easy to make my way to my mat.  Even on two occasions where I couldn’t make it to the studio, I did two very deep, challenging, and sweaty self practices.  The yoga asana practice can be amazing when there’s an intention behind it.

The journey started well.  The beginning of something new is refreshing.  The newness attracts you and everything is just peachy.  But after the newness wears out, then what?  I had a couple of days around the 8th and 9th day, where I actually felt lethargic with very little motivation.  I found myself questioning everything again.  What are we doing? What are we doing it for?  Are we energy?   What’s energy?   How do our lives play out in the bigger scheme of the Universe?  I would look up at the sky at night and see the moon and the stars, staring at the mysteries of the galaxies.   Then I would ask, what the heck is really going on?

I learned that there are mysteries that perhaps I won’t get to understand while in this lifetime, but that it is OK to inquire.  I rekindled my enthusiasm for metaphysics and looking deeper into who we are and how we can better our existence.

I found also, that after feeling lethargic from one day to the next, I was able to shift out of that state rather easily, I typically don’t feel down anyway, but because of the 14 day stretch I guess I felt extra sensitive since I was more aware of myself.  I picked up a book from Deepak Chopra that my wife and I are reading together, “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire”, skipped towards the end of the book,     (I read books from beginning to middle, and then from end to middle) took some notes, added my own voice to the notes, and I felt great again, full of energy and clear intention.

I’ve also let go of the pressure.  The pressure of having everything figured out.  I realized that I’m living my life and doing some things like it’s a means to an end.  Yes, there are things I want to accomplish, but after I set the goal, I let go and simply live my life like today is the only day I have.  To enjoy  life, to love, to laugh, and to REALLY feel grateful for the day and for what I have.   When I do this, my life feels miraculous and full of magic.  This is nothing new, but it feels different when it is experienced.

New things I’ve added to my life: swimming and added Pranayama (breathing exercises) back to my daily routine.  This feels great.  When I went swimming the first day, I realized that I need to work on my cardio.  That day in the pool, some older guys were kicking my butt in the adjacent lanes.  I gassed out at about ten laps, arms and legs burning, while they kept stroking for what it seemed like days and days.  So I approached it like a yogi and remembered not to despise the days of small beginnings.  I’m ready to get back in the pool.

I became aware that in some ways I was treating yoga like a hobby.  But yoga is my way of life, yoga is life, life is yoga.  I have become a “YES” to a life of yoga, transformation, and spirituality.  I have become a YES to a life of contribution.  I have become a YES to following my own intuition, to follow my own nose and bushwhack my own path into my own lagoon in the jungle.

Some commitments and realizations:

-I will follow my passion.  If I’m not passionate I’m not going to do it.

-It is OK to want what I want.

-My life doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s nor do I have to follow the mold that society has created for me.

-I can change my mind whenever I want to.

-I can try it 10,000 different ways, and if it doesn’t work, who cares, I will try again.  It is best to try and to fail than not try at all because of fear or some other excuse.

-I will try it even if I’m afraid.

-I am beneath no one nor am I superior to anyone.

After the 14 days: Well, no, I have not found the answers to the deepest questions of life nor have I learned anything you would say is revolutionary.   But my yoga asana practice has blossomed and my daily morning routine is consistent.   I feel grounded and have a deeper sense of who I AM NOT. This is helping me get closer to who I AM, authentically, not defined by what I do, what I look like, how much I have, where I come from, etc.  One thing for sure is that I am not here to live a mundane life.

Besides, if I define myself too much by something then I may be limiting the grandest expression of what and who I can become for the greater good.

I have also relaxed even more into accepting life as it is and have found some pretty amazing coincidences that are magically leading me somewhere (we’ll talk about that one later…J).

I am here to make a difference for you, to challenge the status quo, to inspire others, and to motivate others to inquire and be present so they can live a fuller, peaceful, non-conforming and vibrant life.

I’m absolutely ready for another 14 day stretch and let’s see what comes up next!


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