The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

Premise: You are not original. “Your soul is the reflection of all souls. The flow of meaning is the flow of life”. Deepak Chopra

These few lines from “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” by Deepak Chopra have really thrown me for a loop. I had to put the book down, look around, pick it back up and read again. Just those simple lines are challenging everything that I grew up believing. Naturally at first I was resistant and actually put off that someone would dare say that I am not original. I thought that was one thing that I could take pride in. Then a verse from the Bible came to mind, “There is nothing new under the sun” Ecclesiastes. Ok yeah, now I think this makes sense. It’s all of the combined experiences my body, mind, and soul have had that’s created me as I am. The ultimate power knew about all this before I was even present on this earth in this body. If I live from only what my head thinks then, there will always be something missing or out of place. However, if I live from what my soul feels, I will be guided to my ultimate purpose here in this life time.

The soul is always speaking, thru the gut feeling of ‘just don’t do it’ to that nagging intuitive sense of ‘I’ve always been curious about___. Maybe I should give it a try (soul), BUT what will they think (mind/ego)”? We flip between soul and mind on a moment to moment basis just like the conversation with self that happened just a few seconds ago. Each time we flip into the mind and stay there for an extended period of time we end up taking actions out of fear. Which then turns into fear based living.    If the premise is we are a reflection of all souls, then collective conscience is real. Which also is in line with Jesus when he said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name there I Am”. The power of people coming together around an idea is astounding. History is full of people who were not unique who created unique events because the world was ready, and they were the leader.   All events are divinely intended to happen, at that point in time. Living life on purpose is important because it just maybe the wondrous meeting of two people that could change the world.

This is where the joy of life returns in the moments that make us smile. I had a few moments in the middle of my spontaneous fulfillment of my desire. There’s joy in creating a space out of things I already had at my house. Smile – cleaning out an olive jar and creating a pen/pencil holder, placing the desk to see the grandest view in the house, and placing flowers by the spot where creative ideas flow. What do you want to create in this moment? It can be done!

For instance I wanted to make a creative space Friday afternoon.

Willing to Do:

–          Complete in  a few hours

–          Use what I already had

–          Amazing view from where I sat

–          Bright light

–          Re-purpose something in my house to fit my new desire

Not Willing to Do:

–          Take longer than one day

–          Spend money

–          View of a white wall

–          Dark room

–          Stifle my creativity

Based on my desires I stood in the living room for what seemed like hours. Looked around and decided this was one of my favorite rooms in the house. It has everything I enjoy being around, good view of nature, lots of light, and space. Then the ideas started rushing in at lightning speed. I have a desk up stairs; I could move it into the living room to have a creative space! I chose to move on it immediately.   Walking upstairs with determination I chose the desk and proceeded to clean it out and move it down the steep steps. Now that was a funny sight, me, dead lifting a desk trying not to fall down the stairs.  From that moment when the ideas started flowing it was easy, everything fit into place.  I didn’t even think about what came next, I just knew. I didn’t force the ideas to come to me. I stood silent in my living room until the ideas came. I had decided that this was what I was going to do, and then the universe responded and stood up to meet me.   Now I have a bright, cheery desk that looks out over the most beautiful nature. In this space I feel open, willing, embraced by light and all things pure.

Literally from where I sit all things are arranged perfectly. The idea to have my desk in my living room was not unique. Here’s the progression of this idea. Went over to a friend’s house, noticed her desk in the living room, liked the idea hmmm note to self, like that.  Spoke with Eddie about needing a creative space to write, played around with a few ideas, no action taken. Then several weeks pass by and still no action. After about three weeks Friday came and I there I stood in the living and said, “this creative space happens today”! Here I sit, doing what I love to do, writing. Now you are sharing in this adventure of mine, because you’re reading my work. Interesting isn’t it? All events are connected, all people are connected, and yet most of our lives we think we are unique. Yet truly it is the combination of souls, events, and experiences that we are as we are, and do what we do.

I stood in my living room as a Yes, open to the possibility of creating what I desired that sunny Friday afternoon. I get what Deepak was saying, it’s all connected, and we are all connected. There’s also a link in between desire and the actualization of desire. As I sit here sharing my heart with you, there’s a smile on my lips, softness in my heart, and a curiosity to keep on experiencing life. Until next time…


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