Don’t wait! Celebrate someone in your life TODAY!

This is my dog Princesa.  She’s 10 years old and has inflammable bowel disease (if you only knew…pheeewh!).  She’s lost a little weight because of her condition.  As I’m looking at her this morning, I realized I don’t have any pictures of her posted on facebook or do I rarely ever share pictures or stories of her with anyone.  You know, I don’t want to wait for her not to be here one day to then start talking about her and celebrate who she’s been in my life.

We often tend to wait until we lose someone or something to then honor them or value it.  We have lengthy eulogies at funerals, flowers, speeches, etc.   But why wait?  What if we truly took the time to stop, look at the people in our lives RIGHT NOW, and celebrate them for who they are for us TODAY.  They will not be here forever.

I want my wife, my parents, my brother and my sisters, my pretty dog, my fraternity brothers, my friends to know how special they are to me today.  I want them to know how they have impacted my life.  I want them to know how much I appreciate them while we share and relive the stories that made us laugh, cry, or simply wonder what the F… was that.   Let’s let them hear it NOW.

My "HOT DOG" princesa


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