The Choice

The question to ponder is: Why do anything? The moments before the jump there is always a sense of uncertainty. Is it a risk? Absolutely! To stay or to go, which one serves you the most? It’s time to create a life built on community, integrity, and passion.

You could argue both sides of the choice. It could be too risky and without foundation. It could also be that you’re holding yourself back, because you’re afraid to choose. Once you’ve chosen, stay with the choice, and put yourself in line with it. The thought becomes a choice and then becomes an action. Done often enough and it becomes a life style. This is not a new concept, nonetheless truth is truth. Choosing out could be powerful. Affirming, that yes, I do believe in my dreams. Yes, I will follow through on what I’ve chosen is right now matter the circumstances. Simple choice is powerful. Out of the comfort zone, is just that, uncomfortable. Staying within the comfort zone is only more of the same. Being the same way over and over again, gives you the same results.

Are you a Yes or a No? Even not choosing is still a choice. Stand tall and make a choice. Trust yourself for within you is already everything that you need to know. There’s a sweet spot of vulnerability from being honest, an honesty that cannot be faked when trying to manufacture a choice on the spot. Not choosing comes from an established fear from your past. Fear is – false evidence appearing real.

Declare now – how do you want your life to be? You were created, to create. There’s an authentic power within the choice. Saying yes to one means no to another. The choice is then magnified a million times over by taking action towards your choice. Robotic existence is life lived by default and that is no life at all. You have by default chosen to live as you were told, “This is the only way”. Yes, indeed it was the only way to live in your mind at that time in your life. This moment, the now moment, is a new possibility. You are now awake! You are free to choose! When are you going to stop living in fear?

Here’s the Choice Formula:

  1. Trust yourself, listen to your heart
  2. Create a personal spiritual practice
  3. Be silent before choosing
  4. Choose
  5. Speak your truth simply
  6. Take action
  7. Release all attachment to results
  8. Stay the path

Choose! Mastery in being your word means school is in session for a lifetime. Go back to the starting point and be your word. Be simple, for within that space is true beauty. Remember now who you truly are. Create yourself as you choose to be.



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