My Practice of Practicing Yoga

My Practice of Practicing Yoga

Today I release all expectations that I’ll ever lay flat in frog or that my hands will ever touch the floor.

Dance in dancer like a dancer

Or flow from pose to pose like Shiva Rae

Have perfect curly hair like Seane Corn

Or walk tall like Mark

Be powerful compassion in motion like Mary Lyn

Speak like Eddie

Or inspire like Baron

I AM, that I AM!

There are no requirements to be me

No one can dictate what I am and how I am in this life

I release the expectations that 1500 people will

Ever follow me ‘round the world

That anything I write will ever be published or have reviews of profound praise

I may never have $1 million dollars

But I walk this earth with a heart wide open

Authentic and true to who I am

Not pretending because even there people know you are fake

Creating a world that is powerful, passionate, and vulnerable

In order for me to show up all the lights don’t have to be green.

I don’t have to have my money in order, make-up and hair done.

I can show up just as I am, right now, without apology.

I will not apologize for who I am!


Powerful, Passionate, and Vulnerable Woman!

Say What You Need To Say by John Mayer

One Response to “My Practice of Practicing Yoga”
  1. Dan says:

    Please join us tonight at 630p in Memorial Park Riverside for an impromptu gathering to practice YOGA. the cost is only $4. Sarah will lead the practice.

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