Live Your Truth

What if you died today, can you say, “I lived my life on purpose. I challenged my old ways of thinking and filled up every moment with my special touch. I designed my life and had the courage to live it. People started lighting up around me and lived their truth as I lived mine. I put in everything I wanted and left out everything that wasn’t me. Satya in Sanskrit, the oldest Indian language, means truth. Satya – to live your truth – is standing when everyone else is sitting down, being willing to be wrong, and say everything out of turn and in the wrong order. Living your truth, this is the way you must live or it would not have been your life at all.

My dream is that people will dream!

  • Design your life: Design your life and courageously live it. Many people think that a life ‘well-lived’ is a life that is acceptable to the masses. Why should ‘they’ have the ultimate power to define me as successful, wealthy, or sexy? Death doesn’t have an opinion. You may not be ready to meet death. We all die at some point. While I am here, I’m going to live on purpose and enjoy the small moments. I know that singing in the shower is acceptable, but what about singing in the rain, sunshine, and on the side walk. The side walk doesn’t care what you sound like or how you pound on it. It doesn’t get hurt feelings, judge you for how you walk or run on it, it just shows up every time you are ready to meet it.
  • Don’t take it personally: The single most hurtful thing anyone can do is take it personally. Personally? No hun, it isn’t about you. This isn’t about being indignant, it’s about coming to this page as one on a journey with a nap sack filled with everywhere that I’ve been and being willing to discard it and start again. So, no it isn’t about you and I’m going to be so bold as to say, how dare you think it’s about you! Why do you think that everything is about you? I realize you come from where ever you do, but no, it isn’t about you.
  • Create Space: Give me the space to work through what I need to work through, because when I’m done you’ll have the freedom to be free. When I am being honest, I’m being me. Whatever I embody I give others around me permission to do the same. What I have to say is worth saying simply because it’s coming from me. There isn’t anything for me to defend or reason away; maybe you’ll love it simply because I have the courage to be me. You should try it on sometime, you just might like it.
  • Don’t Wait: There is someone in your life that waiting for you to show up, instead of pretending to be someone else. Live your truth. Throw away the fake, bring on the real. The real stinks, it’s angry, makes mistakes, but at least when you’re punched in the stomach by reality you feel the wind being knocked out of you. Better to feel something, rather than walking through life as a plastic doll. Plastic dolls look beautiful to some, but at the center they are only filled with meaningless hot air. Once popped, like everything else it crumbles. Then it’s only a pretty little doll on the ground without substance or meaning.

Live on purpose or don’t bother saying that you have lived at all.

Stand to be seen and heard! You are worth a breath, hug, smile, and a tear. Get angry! Think for yourself! Don’t succumb and robot through this life. Don’t be controlled by those who’ve acquired billions. Those who choose to promote their ideas of things that should be objectified.   I don’t have time to be consumed by objects. There are too many people dying to wake up and feel something real, feel someone real.

Is your life slipping away? Be willing to be the fat girl with courage to say, “Yes I’m fat. I struggle with food, because I feel sad about so many areas of my existence that I eat to cover it up. I eat to suppress what I think is too painful to feel. Now that I’ve said that out loud though, now I’m free!! I don’t have to be that way anymore. I’m choosing to say what I need to say, instead of eating what I need to say.” Now no one will see her as the fat woman. Now she’s the powerful woman, who chose to speak her truth, held herself accountable for her actions, and chose to make a different choice next time around. No, hun this isn’t about you. It’s about you, you, and you. It’s really about all of you! Won’t you have the courage to wake up, before it’s too late? Before you’re buried in the ground ten feet under, where’s there no breath and nobody else. So, yes, this is about you. It’s about all of you!

One Response to “Live Your Truth”
  1. Dan says:

    wow! best one yet…powerful

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