Go Confidently!

What struck me the most about this quote is its straight forward simplicity. In this modern age even a quote from long ago still has clout. Why is that? It’s because Thoreau had the courage to be real. It’s easily digestible even in our modern day society of texting and driving. The work place complete with cubicles decorated with four computer screens and multi-tasking being called a character quality.

To go confidently in the direction of your dreams, takes courage and a vulnerability that is rare. Too often when we play this ‘one up game’ to win, it means acting as if you’re not affected by life. Nothing surprises, shocks, or alarms you. Yes, it’s the number one way to be cool, but it comes with a high price. You’re shutting down the creative genius inside called ‘the dreamer’. Every day you tell your dreamer to ‘shut up’ is a step towards complete silence. The dreamer will get tired of not being heard; she will leave and may never come back. I agree with Thoreau, walk with confidence towards your dreams. Otherwise what’s the point in being alive, if you’re only living just to look good?

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  2. […] Go Confidently! (oneyogasolution.wordpress.com) […]

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