More than a $1.99

At the market this morning, I witnessed a poignant moment, so sharp in my mind I don’t know that I’ll ever forget it. A young woman passing by me laughingly holds up an orange sticker that says $1.99. She says to her co-worker, “Is this all you think I’m worth”? The man with the tie turns and says nothing, as he yanks the sticker sharply out of her hand. He gives her a dirty look, to which she drops her head. She looks down at her tired shoe laces and walks away in silence.

I couldn’t help but think to myself as I passed by her, “I’ve been there hun.” I wanted to reach out to her and say, “You are important! What you have to say is valuable. Speak up! Don’t let him treat you like that”. Yet I said nothing.  She stands as a chilling memorial to the people in this world who are wondering what their worth is; with no one to tell them they are more valuable than an orange sticker. Instead, since I didn’t know her, I gave her a nod. Saying with my eyes and smile, “Don’t worry about him.  I see you. You are worth more than $1.99.”

One Response to “More than a $1.99”
  1. dan says:

    If someone’s value is diminished by another,
    then I have lost one part of self,
    if I stand by and let that other,
    be like an object on a shelf,
    discounted and sale priced,
    until no value remains,
    all is sacrificed,
    and a stain,
    on my own soul is left to spread,
    stains of a bright crimson red,
    hard to clean when I’m aware,
    I must speak up, I’ve been there.

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