Practicing yoga off the mat and into the world

My day started with a yoga practice. I practiced yoga off the mat and into my world. Walk with me if you will into my morning…

I felt groggy as my feet touched the floor. Nonetheless I started walking into my day; little did I know I was walking right into a miracle. It’s my life! The life that I have created isn’t perfect by any means, but it is mine. I began to realize as I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I thought, “Choice. “It’s all about choice.” I can choose that this morning is still dark and no one should be up this early. I could crawl right back into bed, but I didn’t. I went to teach my yoga class. Eight brave souls showed up this morning. I took a moment as I looked around at them at the beginning of class and choose to connect; to take that hour and share myself and yoga with them. I wasn’t teaching them, we were experiencing the practice of yoga together. I’m glad that I didn’t stay in bed; I would have missed out on that experience. Instead of mopping my way through the day, I’m now empowered to live today with courage. I’m making velvety rich coffee and scrambled eggs for my husband. I sang and danced as I started my day. (I’m glad you weren’t in my kitchen, it doesn’t sound so good and the dancing looks funny.) All in all it comes down to choice. Choice is everything. This foggy morning it landed with me, in a minty fresh way. This is my day; I can live it anyway that I choose to. I choose to live in freedom, possibility, and love. You can practice yoga off your mat. So, yes, this is a good morning!


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