You’re Extraordinary!

I received a beautiful birthday card last month. It brought me to tears and gave me laughter when I needed it the most. It was a vibrant and ornate  butterfly set on a white back round with two words beneath it’s wings,“You’re Extraordinary!”When I first opened the card I thought, “Oh, that’s nice.” I placed it next to my jewelry box along with the other cards. Then a couple of days later I was putting on my earrings and I saw the card again. I took notice of the vibrant colors and intricate detail of the butterfly’s wings. They were bigger than the small body. They had a huge wing span. Such detail and grace with each curve and swoop. Whoever drew that butterfly must have drawn it just for me, for in that moment I saw me in the butterfly. Ready and willing to spread my wings and fly. For so long bound and now yet again I choose to be free!

You can only truly appreciate freedom when you’ve been bound. Within each limitation is a chance for you to be free. There is a moment when you know it’s time to break free, frankly it maybe your only chance. When are you going to say, “No!” to what’s holding you back and keeping you confused? Say, “Yes!” to that which sets you free and moves you forward! The practice of yoga teaches us to be present. It is a practice I hold near and dear to my heart. Get present! Break free!


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