4 Things To Listen To

The 4 things I’ve learned to listen to…

I practice yoga and it has taught me to bring a keen level of awareness to my life. I’ve learned to listen to four specific areas of awareness. All areas of my life have been impacted on a fundamental level based on this simple practice of being presentBe present, you just might be missing out on your life.

1. Listen to the excitement – When I’m doing something that I’m passionate about I light up like a Christmas tree. I know I need to move forward with it or towards it. I feel a source of immeasurable energy rise up inside. I can do and be everything all at the same time. I could talk about it for hours, smile about it, dance to it, experience it and be endlessly joyful. Stop, listen, and  look.

2. Listen to the angry – When someone makes a comment and I immediately bristle, I stop. I take a look at it and explore the fact that there maybe truth there. If I get angry, it usually means I’m bringing the past into my present even though the past has no place in the present moment. Stop, listen, and look. 

3. Listen to the nothing – There are some experiences I that I feel nothing about. It’s rare, but it does happen.  I’ve learned that even when I feel nothing it’s also a moment to bring my awareness to. Once explored if there’s nothing there, then there’s nothing there. Stop, listen, and take a deeper look.

4. Listen to the persistent – If it keeps coming back up again, I take a look at it. I experienced two weeks not long ago that everyone I met was wearing the color purple. I don’t know why, but in my conscience was the color purple and it was manifesting it’s self every where I went. I still don’t know what that was about, but I took a look because it was so apparent. In your life there maybe a person, feeling, or experience that keeps coming back up. Stop, listen, and look.

One Response to “4 Things To Listen To”
  1. Manuel says:

    I like your tag lines: stop, listen, and look. When our ordinary thinking mind stops, a receptive mode appears in which we can have deep insights. Thank you for sharing four topics on which to focus. I agree.

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