Laugh Out Loud

The world is more colorful with you in it functioning as the fullest expression of your natural self; so be silly, laugh out loud, and dance just because it’s a good song. Advertisements

Unravel Yourself

Choose to unravel yourself or life will do it for you.

Soul Rhythm

Let the music of your heart combine with the rhythm of your soul and you’ll dance freely for a lifetime.

Music of the Soul

The music of the soul is reflected in the mirror of your life. Allow your soul to sing and your life will reflect your soul.            

Wake up. Live big. Go now.

Wake up!  – Wake up to who you are now and who are you becoming. Are you living a fear filled life? Fear keeps you asleep, asleep to who you are becoming. Fear gets in the way of you living authentically. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It’s anything that you’ve projected to be true, when it … Continue reading

Dr. Brene’ Brown’s Theory on Connection and Vulnerability

Put away all that you believe to be true about connection. Go with me on a trip to experience the impossible connection. Ask yourself this question, what is vulnerability and what does it have to do with connection? Is connection holding hands, an angry slap across the face? Or is it internal, like chills up … Continue reading

Games People Play

The game is up! The lie no longer true. It’s exhausting pretending you’ve got it all together. Sooner or later someone will call your bluff. Be courageous! Say yes to what you want. Be courageous! Say no to what you don’t want. Right now in this moment. The present doesn’t wait for the hope of maybe or someday. The present is lost. It becomes the past. It’s the “I wish I … Continue reading

Looking Glass

Looking through the glass and into another world is Perspective sitting on the ground she stares at the pile of dying dreams and cries This life a pile of crusty habits my past through this glass is seen so clearly ~ She’s a creation of clear glass seen clearly looking through the glass and into … Continue reading

More than a $1.99

At the market this morning, I witnessed a poignant moment, so sharp in my mind I don’t know that I’ll ever forget it. A young woman passing by me laughingly holds up an orange sticker that says $1.99. She says to her co-worker, “Is this all you think I’m worth”? The man with the tie … Continue reading

Go Confidently!

What struck me the most about this quote is its straight forward simplicity. In this modern age even a quote from long ago still has clout. Why is that? It’s because Thoreau had the courage to be real. It’s easily digestible even in our modern day society of texting and driving. The work place complete with cubicles … Continue reading