Practicing yoga off the mat and into the world

My day started with a yoga practice. I practiced yoga off the mat and into my world. Walk with me if you will into my morning… I felt groggy as my feet touched the floor. Nonetheless I started walking into my day; little did I know I was walking right into a miracle. It’s my life! The … Continue reading

Wake up. Live big. Go now.

Wake up!  – Wake up to who you are now and who are you becoming. Are you living a fear filled life? Fear keeps you asleep, asleep to who you are becoming. Fear gets in the way of you living authentically. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It’s anything that you’ve projected to be true, when it … Continue reading

Dr. Brene’ Brown’s Theory on Connection and Vulnerability

Put away all that you believe to be true about connection. Go with me on a trip to experience the impossible connection. Ask yourself this question, what is vulnerability and what does it have to do with connection? Is connection holding hands, an angry slap across the face? Or is it internal, like chills up … Continue reading