Pure Poetry: Whisper of You

I saw this photo. I was inspired. I couldn’t tear my eyes away for several minutes. There are no lines, verses, or even a rhythm and yet it’s poetry. I know the woman in the photo. I thought to myself, “This is only awhisper of you“. She is an inspiration. She has had many challenges in her life, daily she takes herself on and tackles them one by one. Looking at this amazing photo, you can barely see her as she blends into the landscape. It reminds me of how easy it is to live a life that’s “barely there”, blending into the surface of your own personal landscape. Melting into the day-to-day tasks of things to do, without a dream or purpose. The photographer is a genius! He or she captured this beautiful woman’s essence. There’s a lot to be learned from this photo. If I didn’t know her, I’d wonder, “What lights her up? What’s her story?” We all have stories. We’ve all been through years of fears and disappointments, smiles, and joys. It’s what we choose to make of the experiences that define and re-fine who we are.

“Don’t ever be someone else’s slogan, because you are pure poetry.” This photograph is poetry. There’s movement, grace, the past, future and present within the colors. Looking at her she whispers poetry to me. She says, “I’m smiling at my dreams.” I make up she’s learned from her past and willing to walk with courage in the present.  This is a memorial to all those who feel remiss and like they haven’t lived at all, or worse that they survived a life time, but never lived a day. Don’t settle for blending in or mediocrity. This is a call to live courageously!

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