The Road Trip: Travel Thousands of Miles to Find Your Center

“Find your center” has become a pop culture phrase within the yoga world; it’s catchy, but largely ineffective. Every time I hear people say, “Find your center”.  I think, “Okay, yeah and how do they do that?”  Catch phrases are catchy, ok great, but how’s it helpful to you after it catches you?  Take a vacation … Continue reading

Yoga – The Science of the Soul

“Yoga is an inward turning. It is a total about-face. When you are not moving into the future, not moving toward the past, then you start moving within yourself – because your being is here and now.” -Osho

Sending You Courage

Sending you courage to look at what you’d rather not see Laughter to handle anything scary that pops up and a Down dog to help you move through your day  

4 Things To Listen To

The 4 things I’ve learned to listen to… I practice yoga and it has taught me to bring a keen level of awareness to my life. I’ve learned to listen to four specific areas of awareness. All areas of my life have been impacted on a fundamental level based on this simple practice of being present. Be present, you … Continue reading

Pure Poetry: Whisper of You

I saw this photo. I was inspired. I couldn’t tear my eyes away for several minutes. There are no lines, verses, or even a rhythm and yet it’s poetry. I know the woman in the photo. I thought to myself, “This is only awhisper of you“. She is an inspiration. She has had many challenges in her life, daily she … Continue reading

You’re Extraordinary!

I received a beautiful birthday card last month. It brought me to tears and gave me laughter when I needed it the most. It was a vibrant and ornate  butterfly set on a white back round with two words beneath it’s wings,“You’re Extraordinary!”When I first opened the card I thought, “Oh, that’s nice.” I placed it next to my … Continue reading

Practicing yoga off the mat and into the world

My day started with a yoga practice. I practiced yoga off the mat and into my world. Walk with me if you will into my morning… I felt groggy as my feet touched the floor. Nonetheless I started walking into my day; little did I know I was walking right into a miracle. It’s my life! The … Continue reading

Laugh Out Loud

The world is more colorful with you in it functioning as the fullest expression of your natural self; so be silly, laugh out loud, and dance just because it’s a good song.

Unravel Yourself

Choose to unravel yourself or life will do it for you.

Music of the Soul

The music of the soul is reflected in the mirror of your life. Allow your soul to sing and your life will reflect your soul.